Chart of the Duck Family Tree

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The Chart of the Duck Family Tree is a version of the Duck Family Tree which exists in-universe as a belonging of Elvira Duck.


A large poster, the Chart of the Duck Family Tree is owned by Elvira Duck, who seemingly first unveiled it to the rest of the Duck family during a family gathering in 1960. She boasted that it accounted for "every duck but one", the "one" being the long-lost Prehistoric Duck into whom the Ducks coincidentally bumped soon after discovering the tree. The tree does not show specific family relationships, but does order relatives in seven distinct branches. Clockwise:

Behind the scenes

This version of the Duck Family Tree was featured within the 1960 story by Carl Fallberg, Family Fun. It is one of the earliest Duck family trees in existence, and possibly the first to imply that Scrooge and Elvira are siblings. It is not, however, the first to feature Daisy Duck, as she was already included as a Duck relative in an earlier diegetic family tree created by Carl Fallberg, that presented in the 1953 story Family Tree.

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