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Charybdis is a female sea monster and Charybdis's counterpart from the 2017 Continuum.


A many-tentacled sea monster (considered unattractive even by her own kind, something she was rather disillusioned about), this version of Charybdis was enlisted by her (presumed) father Poseidon as the guardian of his spear on the Island of Ithaquack at some point before 2018.

Behind the scenesEdit

Charybdis, based on the mythological figure of the same name, first appeared in The Spear of Selene, the 12th episode of DuckTales 2017. In the original myths, Charybdis is Poseidon's daughter, which may or may not be true of this version, who is nonetheless clearly affiliated with Poseidon. Her design somewhat resembles the Seaweed Monster's, which may be intentional.

Voice ActorsEdit

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