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Cheeryble McDuck[1] (Italian name Papirone De' Paperoni), also known as "Wastrel",[2] is an anthropomorphic duck.


Cheeryble McDuck is Fergus and Downy McDuck's son and Scrooge McDuck's twin brother. Unlike Scrooge, Cheeryble is a generous philanthropist, though he has the same dogged stubbornness as his brother and the same knack for finding riches while living in the rough. After presumably failing the stinginess test held by his grandfather in 1877, Cheeryble left for the American Wild West, where he digged for gold for a bit before settling in a large ranch. Cheeryble spends most of his time discovering new gold mines which he then donates to the needy. Scrooge does not like to talk about his brother, who, according to him, brings shame to the McDuck name; Cheeryble's own nephew Donald Duck hadn't heard of him until he met him on a trip out west in 1955, and Donald initially mistook Cheeryble for Scrooge himself, with all the ensuing surprises one can easily imagine as Donald witnessed "Scrooge" perform generous deed after generous deed.

Behind the scenes

In spite of his important position in the Duck family tree, MarCheeryble McDuck only ever appeared in 1955 in Paperino e l'Uomo del West, as well as in a cover for that story.

Notes and references

  1. As the character has not officially appeared in English-speaking publications, Cheeryble McDuck is a fan-generated name. Marley McDuck also got some use.
  2. In Italian, his nickname is "Mani Buche", which is slang for a spendthrift and literally means "Hands with holes in them".