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Chernabog, sometimes known as the Devil or the Devil of Bald Mountain, is a male demon.


Chernabog is a gigantic, terrifying black demon who dwells on the summit of Bald Mountain. On Walpurgis Night each year, he gathers scores of hellish minions for a nightmarish sabbath. The rest of the year, Chernabog is usually slumbering behind the cover of his wings.

Despite these terrifying appearance and powers that has often gotten him confused for his master, Lucifer himself, Chernabog seems to be mostly "all bark and no bite". For one thing, he accepted to be featured in an animated film rendition of his sabbath, and, having met the Disney crew on this occasion, was later seen enjoying the show like any other guest at the House of Mouse.

Chernabog nonetheless remains a villain, if not as fearsome as one would expect. He followed Jafar's brutal takeover of the House of Mouse itself in 2002, and in 2017 he joined Peg-Leg Pete in, of all things, a football match against Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Behind the scenesEdit

Chernabog famously first appeared in the Night on Bald Mountain segment of Fantasia. Although initially meant to be the Devil himself, he was later retconned to be a lesser demon called Chernabog, based on the figure of Tchernobog from Slavic mythology.

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