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The Cheshire Cat is the only known cheshire cat in the world.


The Cheshire Cat is a mysterious creature native to Wonderland. Although his description of himself as "a" Cheshire Cat implies there might be more of his kind in existence, he was the only one ever seen. The Cat is one of the most powerful characters in Wonderland; he possess the powers of invisibility and teleportation and has the ability to separate some of his limbs from the rest of his body. He also knows a lot about Wonderland and how to navigate it. The Cat is, however, completely mad; he only ever does what amuses him, and that might just as well be helping you as getting you beheaded by the Queen of Hearts.

Behind the scenes

The Cheshire Cat first appeared in 1951 in Alice in Wonderland.

Voice Actors

  • Sterling Holloway (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Jim Cummings (Classical voice actor since 2004)