The Chez Pierre is a restaurant somewhere in the United States of America.

Description Edit

Chez Pierre, a restaurant and café, is a typical "swanky" establishment — complete with an overly-mannered waiter of an owner, the secretly bullying Pierre. In September of 1947, Donald Duck attempted to buy a cup of coffee there to get out of the rain, and ended up getting into an argument with Pierre, who was outraged at Donald's lack of proper etiquette (which had culminated in Donald taking out his own lunchbox and proposing to eat its contents on Pierre's table). Pierre ended up taking Donald to court, but soon regretted it, as the sentence passed on Donald (ten days washing dishes at Pierre's) allowed the duck in the sailor suit to break as many dishes as he liked in petty vengeance!

Behind the scenes Edit

The Chez Pierre first appeared in the 1948 cartoon The Trial of Donald Duck, and was also featured in its comic adaptation.

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