The Chickadees Patrol is a scouting organization.


The Chickadees Patrol is an all-female scouting group created as a female counterpart to the Junior Woodchucks. Unfortunately, the Patrol soon developed a strong rivalry with the Woodchucks instead of working in harmony with them. The Chickadees are a more traditional group than the Woodchucks (lacking the game-changer that is the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook), and it is not spread all over the world to the same extent as the Woodchucks, but the Chickadees are nonetheless very efficient on a small scale, especially thanks to the Duckburg troup leader, former soldier Captain Ramrod.

List of ChickadeesEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The Chickadees Patrol first appeared in October of 1955 in Carl Barks's story The Chickadee Challenge.

In both DuckTales and its 2017 reboot, the Chickadees Patrol is not seen to exist. Instead, the Junior Woodchucks are an organization for both boys and girls.

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