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Seamus O'Hara, better known as Chief O'Hara, is an anthropomorphic dog.


Chief O'Hara is the head of the Mouseton Police. A very efficient detective in his day, he reached his position through work and skill alone, but he is nevertheless pretty much defenseless in front of supercriminals like the Phantom Blot, which is why he very often requires the help of freelance detective Mickey Mouse, who has become a very good friend of his. O'Hara is actually married to one Petulia O'Hara.


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Behind the scenes

Chief O'Hara was created in 1939 for Mickey Outwits the Phantom Blot.

First name

For decades, Chief O'Hara, in spite of his great importance in the Mickey Mouse comics, remained without a first name. He was first given a first name by French writer Didier Le Bornec in the 1987 story Esprit de suite !, which has never been translated in English, where his first name is given as "Albert". His definitive English first name, Seamus, was created by Byron Erickson in his 2003 tale With friends like these…

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Notes and References

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