Chief Parita is or was a male dognose.


Chief Parita was, in 1909, a Guaymi tribe leader, who despite his simple ways, seemed to be quite educated — though he dwelled in a shack-like cabin and generally did things by himself, and used a mule for transportation, he knew very fluent English and easily realized a young Scrooge McDuck's attempts to swindle him when he tried to get the location of the Treasure of Gold Hill out of Parita. Similarly, he had a basic knowledge of international governments, recognizing General Esteban or Theodore Roosevelt on sight. After signing over the location of the gold to Roosevelt (who was much friendlier to him than Scrooge), he would later incapacitate a traitorous Esteban, and turn him over to Colombia, where he was considered a traitor.

Behind the scenes

Parita is a supporting character in the 2001 The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck bonus chapter The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut. He is based on the minor historical character of the same name, who indeed lived with his people not far from the Panama Canal diggings.

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