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Chip is an anthropomorphic chipmunk and the brother of Dale[2][3].


Chip is a somewhat rascally and crafty chipmunk, the brother of Dale[2][3], and member/leader of the detective agency known as the Rescue Rangers[4]. Chip tends to be serious and with a strong sense of responsibility, to the point that he is sometimes accused of not knowing how to have fun. He can be domineering and often ends up in squabbles with Dale over his more laid back manner. At times, though, he also lets himself go and joins Dale in some frivolity.


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Behind the scenesEdit

An early version of Chip, as well as an early version of his brother, Dale, first appeared in 1943's Private Pluto. In Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Chip was loosely modeled on Indiana Jones.

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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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