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Chloroplasts, in reality mere sub-cellular organisms, were once dreamed by Scrooge McDuck to be a microscopic sapient species in their own right.


In a dream Scrooge McDuck experienced in 1983, anthropomorphic Chloroplasts were a fully-fledged species, a “nation” of which existed in every leaf of every tree. Locked in an unending war with the “Terrible Bacteria Boys”, these Chloroplasts were green humanoids; those of the oak tree leaf visited by the Ducks in the dream were ruled by a wizened old overlord known as Chloroplast Prime. The Chloropasts spoke English and had done so for centuries, with their ancestors first having heard the human language when it was carried on the wind into their leaves.

Behind the scenes

The Chloropasts first appeared in the 1983 comic story Plantastic Voyage.