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Chloroplast Prime (known simply as il capo di cloroplasti, or the Leader of the Chloroplasts, in the original Italian) was an anthropomorphic chloroplast and a character inside a dream Scrooge McDuck once had.


Inside a dream Scrooge McDuck experienced in 1983, wherein which he and his nephews had used Gyro Gearloose's Shrinking Machine to visit the microcosm that existed inside a single cell of a single leaf of an oak tree, the wise, severe Chlotoplast Prime was the leader of all the sentient subcellular organisms inhabiting the leaf. Residing in a huge throne room inside the nucleus of the “Head Cell”, he knew and approved of the Junior Woodchucks, but also of the damage done to the environment by some of the companies under Scrooge McDuck's control. Upon meeting Scrooge, he thus condemned Scrooge to life in prison within the leaf — at which point Scrooge woke up and, realising the dream was a message from his conscience, cancelled some deforestation plans he had been funding.

Behind the scenes

Chloroplast Prime made his debut in the 1983 story Plantastic Voyage.