Chore Chump is a comic story written by Don Christensen and drawn by Paul Murry. It features Grandma Duck, Ludwig von Drake and Gus Goose.


Visiting Grandma Duck's farm, Professor Ludwig von Drake discovers his nephew Gus Goose impossible laziness as a farm hand. Determined to help Grandma (even though she tries to warn him that no earthly force could possibly make Gus Goose an efficient worker), he hypnotizes Gus into thinking he's the fastest farm hand in the world… Alas, speed is not all it takes to be a good worker, as Ludwig and Grandma soon find out!

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first printed in October of 1962 in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #265. It was then reprinted in Walt Disney Comics Digest #31 and Donald Duck #371.

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