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Chris Moreno's Duck Family Tree is a Duck family tree created by Chris Moreno during the development of Legend of the Three Caballeros. It is an "update" of Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree, reusing Rosa's art for the portraits of most of the characters but also featuring Don de Pato.


This version of the Duck Family Tree shows beams of light shining down upon Donald Duck and Clinton Coot as well as on their ancestor Don de Pato, present in the literal roots of the Coot Kin — stressing the line of three's importance to the Three Caballeros' glorious history.

Two other notable changes are that Fergus McDuck is referred to as “Fergus 'Old Scotty' McDuck”, conflating him with Old Scotty McDuck, and that Scrooge's grandfather's name is now spelled as “Dirty 'Dingus' McDuck”, confirming that Dingus (the first name used for the character by Don Rosa) was only a nickname and allowing for his true name to remain Titus McDuck.

Behind the scenes

Created during the production of Legend of the Three Caballeros, the Tree was released on Twitter by show creator Matt Danner to promote the official American release of the show on the Disney+ streaming service.