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Cindy Lou is a female anthropomorphic duck.


Cindy Lou used to live in Duckburg, and, as a child, became good friends with Daisy Duck. They lost sight of each other when Cindy moved to another city. However, in 1964, Cindy's wealthy uncle invited her to stay in Duckburg for a while. He had also asked one of his employees (none other than Donald) to take her on a ride through town. Donald, afraid his girlfriend Daisy would believe he was cheating on her with Cindy, attempted to hide the two women from each other. This failed, of course, and Cindy and Daisy were very happy to finally see each other again, though the happiness was tempered in Daisy's case by anger at how fickle and unforgiving Donald had thought her.

Behind the scenes

Cindy Lou was only ever seen in the 1964 story The Shutterbug Duck, though a female duck who may or may not be her makes a brief cameo in the 1966 story Donald's Buzzin' Cousin