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Cinnamon Teal
Cinnamon 2.jpg
Cinnamon using her power of hypnosis through her eyes.



Powers and abilities

  • Hypnosis
  • Telepathy (possibly)

First Appearance

Heavy Hangs the Head

Last Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 4

Cinnamon Teal is a hypnotist villainess who has appeared in various storylines.


Cinnamon first appeared in the DuckTales episode "Spies in Their Eyes", where she hypnotizes Donald Duck as part of a scheme to acquire a top secret submarine.

Cinnamon helps John D.Rockerduck to win a bet which he made with Scrooge McDuck on who is Duckburg's biggest Philanthropist. She hypnotises Gladstone Gander who is named now Agent X so Rockerduck can have his Luck on his side and with it win the bet. Gladstone is well known about his unpredictable and unimaginable luck, so John D. Rockerduck is more than sure that he will win the bet, but Cinnamon has other plans as we see at the 3rd issue of Ducktales and since her powers grow she says that soon she won't have any need of Rockerduck. She also appears in the Duck Tales/Darkwing Duck Crossover story Dangerous Currency where she is a member of the League of Eve-il along with Magica De Spell, Ammonia Pine, and Camille Chameleon. They are in an alliance with The Phantom Blot, the Fearsome Four, and The Beagle Boys. They are also later joined by Negaduck.

Powers and Abilities

The power which she has and have we seen up until now is hypnosis which more powerful by time. She can easily hypnotize anyone who looks at her eyes, without any resistance. At first see could hypnotize only one person, but now with only one look she can hypnotize two people or maybe more, as we learn at the story Heavy Hangs the Head. She maybe also be a telepath since she can make people forget what they saw and listened.

Cinnamon is surprized by the development of her powers and states that her powers grow stronger.


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