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Clarabelle Cow Poses Naked is a comic story. It features Clarabelle Cow.


Clarabelle poses in a bath without clothes for an advertisement, and is suddenly considered a famous model. However, it is soon discovered that the advertisement was, in fact, meant to show what a person would look like if they did not use the beauty cream being advertised.

Behind the scenes

Clarabelle Cow Poses Naked was first published in the British Mickey Mouse Annual #11. It was later reprinted in Volume 2 of the Floyd Gottfredson Library. It is unknown if it has been printed elsewhere, as it has no entry in I.N.D.U.C.K.S.. It was drawn by Wilfred Haughton, and may have been written by him as well.

The title Clarabelle Cow Poses Naked is an unofficial title given to the story by Geoffrey Moses on his blog Duck Comics Revue; the story has seemingly never been given an official title. (Amusingly, Moses's review joked that due to its involving female nudity, the comic would probably not be reprinted "anytime soon" — when that very year, it found itself reprinted in the Floyd Gottfredson Library.)