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Clerkly is an anthropomorphic dog.


Clerkly, a wide-shouldered anthropomrphic dog who often — though not always — wears glasses, is Scrooge McDuck's head clerk. Resourceful and efficient, Clerkly knows all there is to know about how Scrooge's businesses are going, including things Scrooge himself sometimes ingores. Although he may appear unhappy with the incessant work of Scrooge's office, Clerkly actually loves his job to the point of workaholism and fell into depression the one time Scrooge, in an excess of generosity, gave him one day's vacation.

Behind the scenes

Clerkly first appeared in Carl Barks's 1952 story Spending Money. He became something of a recurring character, although he did not gain his glasses for many years. His latest appearance to date was in 2015's Seasonal Help.

The name of 'Clerkly' has mistakenly been used by Don Rosa to refer to Clerkie in the story Nobody's Business. Jonathan Gray's translation of The Tourist from the End of the Universe also gives a clearly different, originally-nameless character (known as Clerkly Senior for clarity's sake) the same name.