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Clerkly, Sr. is a human man.


Clerkly Senior, or simply Clerkly, is a middle-aged, mustache-wearing clerk who works for Scrooge McDuck. Judging from his authoritative knowledge of Scrooge's everyday routine and personality traits, it is likely that Clerkly Senior worked for McDuck Enterprises for many years prior to 1981. That year, he worked at the main desk in the Money Bin and assigned to review accounts payable three times over by Scrooge.

Behind the scenesEdit

This clerk appeared in the 1981 story The Tourist from the End of the Universe. He was nameless in the original Italian, but Jonathan Gray's 2017 translation had Scrooge McDuck refer to him as "Clerkly", the name of another, much younger recurring clerk. For clarity's sake, the 1981 character is referred to as Clerkly Senior, although it is unlikely the two Clerklys are actually related at all.

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