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Clinton Coot was an anthropomorphic coot/duck hybrid.


The son of Cornelius Coot and an Indian woman, Clinton Coot became an adventurer after he learnt the legacy of the first Three Caballeros who, with the Goddess of Adventure herself, Xandra, as a guide, helped foil the first of Lord Felldrake's attempts at world domination. Coot spent his life exploring the history of the Caballeros and located the Magical Atlas. At some later point, Clinton founded the New Quackmore College, which he built all around the Adventure Cabana where he stored all the Caballeros-related treasures he had found.

By the 1840's, a middle-aged Clinton had become the owner of a shop called Coot's Emporium in Duckburg. Clinton married a woman by the name of Gertrude Gadwall and had several children, including Casey and Elvira (better known today as Grandma Duck). A notorious nature-lover, Clinton Coot also founded the Junior Woodchucks.

Behind the scenes

Clinton Coot first appeared in 1993 in Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree. His character was later massively expanded in 2018 in the Legend of the Three Caballeros series. Two years later, his 2017 Continuum counterpart appeared in DuckTales (2017)