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Clockwork Cherubs are a type of robots created by “the Creator”.


The Clockwork Cherubs were created by an Earth scientist with the likeness of the god Cupid, and make up the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids. They are fully sentient copper robots with somewhat puzzling internal workings.  Save for the anomaly that is the Mark II Cupid Juliet-178, all Clockwork Cherubs are male, likely due to the original god being himself male. Being robots, of course, the Cherubs "reproduce" asexually, and, indeed, it is somewhat ironic but inescapable no Cherub has ever been known to display romantic affection of their own.

Internal Anatomy

The seat of Clockwork Cherubs' intelligence is their Positronic Brain, located inside their spherical, metallic skulls. They also have gemstone hearts, which seem to play a role in their personality; most Cupids have rose-quartzes for hearts, but some are born with different gems, such as diamonds, which translates to more "exceptional" personalities. 

Clockwork Cherubs also possess crystalline kidneys, which, as in organic beings, play a role in digesting food if they are ever led to ingest any — though they do not very often have to use them for this purpose, being robots. The crystalline kidneys vibrate at various frequencies, and if two Cherubs' kidneys vibrate at the same frequency, they will feel each other's presence when they are close, an effect weaponized by the members of the Department of Problem-Solving.

Birth & Naming

Birthed in great batches by the Great Foundries, they are redesigned every 100 units; as Cupids rarely die and do not age, owing to their mechanical nature, Cupids of various designs cohabit peacefully in the Cupid Homeworld.

The Cherubs are released with a serial number attached to them. Each design is called a “Mark”; hence the Cupids 001 through 99 were "Mark 1"s, 100 through 199 were Mark 2s, and so on. Most Cupids later choose to add a name to their number, possibly based on their personality. 

List of Known Clockwork Cherubs

Breakdown of Known Cherub Designs

Type Illustration Other Information Known Individuals
Mark 1
The first version of Copper-Colored
Cupids, the Mark 1s were noticeably
taller than later models and had
a somewhat cruder design.
Their body had two segments,
thorax and pelvis, which could
swivel relative to one another.
Mark 2

The Mark 2s are smaller and rounder,
looking something like ragdolls.

Mark 3
The Mark 3s are taller than the Mark 2s, with a squarish jaw, long, jointed legs, an oblong body with a roundel and checkerboard pattern on it, and curved, sloping wings.
Mark 4
Veritable war machines,
the monstrous Mark 4s were
designed with the romanticizing
of dinosaurs in mind.
It seems that they were no longer
around by the 2010's in their bulky
form, perhaps having
been shrunken down.
Mark 5 ? ?
Mark 6 ? ?
Mark 7 ? ?
Mark 8 ? The eyes of the Mark 8s are round
and made of blue glass.
Mark 9
The Mark 9s have short, spiky hair,
small dot-like eyes, and angular wings.
Mark 10 ? ?
Mark 11
The Mark 11s have short, matted hair,
large eyes, a stove-like firehole and grated door (much like the type seen on Mark 4s), and somewhat triangular wings.
Mark 12
Mark 13 ? The Mark 13s are described as having a
“vibrant” golden coat of paint and stiff limbs.
Mark 14 ?
Mark 15
Display a roundel and crisscrossed pipes
set-up also seen in Mark 17s.
Mark 16
Mark 17
Small, with squarish feet and
the same crisscross-and-
roundel chestpiece
as the Mark 14s.
Mark 18


In 2019, Juliet-178's actions led to the creation of hundreds of copies of herself, who therefore resembled Mark 2s, but were not part of the official numberings. All referring to themselves as Juliet, the Sisters of Juliet struggled to find some consistent way of numbering themselves and eventually gave up, as the enterprise was rather futile, all Juliets being more or less identical.

Behind the scenes

The Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids (whose members are all Cherubs) was first seen in February of 2019.