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Clovis is or was an anthropomorphic cow.


Although unflappable and efficient Clovis once reflected upon her mother's disregarded advice to become a dental hygienist, she instead served as the secretary for the criminal mastermind Taurus Bulba prior to his defeat at the hands of Darkwing Duck.

Clovis helped Bulba operate his criminal enterprises from within a St. Canard prison, disappearing into a hidden area beneath his cell whenever Warden Waddlesworth came to visit the crime boss. She appeared to take malicious amusement in her employer's schemes, but their relationship appears to have been fairly formal, with her perpetually addressing him by his full name,[1] or, occasionally, as “Mr Bulba”.[2] After Bulba broke out, Clovis served as the pilot of his airship, which flew over the city as he prepared to utilize the Ram Rod. Her fate Darkwing after caused the device to overload[1] is considerably less clear.

According to one account, the airship was destroyed by the explosion of the Ramrod, and Clovis survived using a parachute. As she floated down, she lamented not becoming a dentist as she had been advised by her mother.[1] However, according to another, Taurus Bulba ordered her to self-destruct the ship in a fit of rage after Dakwing destroyed the Ramrod, and, business-like as ever, Clovis obliged, seemingly perishing in the explosion.[2]

Clovis was, at any rate, indeed dead by 1992, her soul one of the listless new inhabitants of the Underworld, standing in line with the rest of the damned awaiting processing.[3]

Behind the scenes

Clovis was a secondary character in the Darkwing Duck pilot, Darkly Dawns The Duck. She also appears in the comic miniseries adaptation thereof, Brawl in the Family, as well as having a post-mortem cameo in Hot Spells.

None of Clovis's appearances elaborate on whether “Clovis” is her first or last name. It is worth noting that in the real world, “Clovis”, an archaic form of “Louis” best-known as the name of the first recognised King of France (who made his own appearance in the Prime Universe in 1954), is universally a male name.

In an early version of the DuckTales 2017 special Let's Get Dangerous!, Negaduck/Jim Starling was to have posed as "Calfka", cow assistant to the 2017 Continuum's Taurus Bulba. The Calfka alias was likely inspired by Clovis.[4]

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