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The Coffin Occupant is a mysterious undead being residing in the Haunted Mansion.


The Coffin Occupant is a ghost seemingly unable or unwilling to cast off his mortal coil, instead forever trying to break out of his coffin which adorns the Conservatory of the Haunted Mansion. Alternatively sounding like a pleading old man[1] or a growling monster,[2] the Coffin Occupant is one of the more mysterious residents of the Mansion, and the Ghost Host once confessed to Elody Ghast that he no longer remembered who the Coffin Occupant was or why he should never be allowed out of the Coffin.[3][FANWORK]

The Coffin Occupant has been suggested by various sources to be Master Gracey,[4] Constance Hatchaway's former husband Frank Banks,[5] plantation owner Jamie Padgett who was buried alive by Little Leota,[6][UNOFF] the architect Mr Davis,[7] or Billy Bob, lover of Lady Carlotta and Lady Renata.[8]

Behind the scenes

The Coffin Occupant debuted alongside The Haunted Mansion itself in August of 1969.

Voice Actors

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