The Collective of the Retconning Crocodiles is a secret organization made up of genetically-altered crocodiles.

Description Edit

One of the many knockoffs of the Horde of the Violet Hare created by Professor Scarper's experiments, the Collective of the Retconning Crocodiles are an organization capable of altering history so as to suit their own purpose (they also, like all other Hare knockoffs, presumably want to search for Atlantean treasure). They have access to all manners of advance time- and universe-traveling technology which they use for purposes which it is hard to describe as anything but "shadowy", and worship Lord Thymon in a cultlike fashion — or at least, they did until they learned that Thymon had turned into a relatively meek character working in the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids' Department of Postal Services.

History Edit

At some point between 1955 and 1975, they erased from history a taxi driver who had once driven Scrooge McDuck to Donald Duck's house, but could not remember why they had done so later on, as they had also erased from history the secret which they had obliviated the taxi driver in order to protect.[1]

In 2019, the Collective revealed themselves to Joe Torcivia in the comments section of his blog, where they explained that they were likely responsible for any otherwise inexplicable inconsistencies in comic books, having caused these inconsistencies through their changing of the timeline. [2]

Upon hearing this, Torcivia asked them to remove IDW's 2019 run of Disney comics from existence. The reptiles attempted this, but instead supposedly succeeded only at causing both a 2007 hardcover miniseries, The Wedding of Goldie O'Gilt (apparently written by Don Rosa in the original timeline) and a story known as Super Goof Finds Pirate Gold to be erased from the continuum. [3][4]

The Horde of the Violet Hare later speculated that the Collective were behind a strange case in which a comic was printed twice, but redrawn completely upon its second printing. [5] Joe Torcivia tentatively agreed with this explanation. [6]

Behind the scenes Edit

The Collective is yet another parody of the Horde of the Violet Hare created by an anonymous reader in the comments section of a post of Joe Torcivia's The Issue At Hand, in continuation of the running gag existing on that blog in which various knockoffs of the Horde comment on Torcivia's posts.

Notes and references Edit

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