Concavians are a species of sentient humanoid beings.

Description Edit

The Concavians are one of the two sapient species inhabiting the strange underground world of Concavia. Purplish humanoids with elf-like features, Concavians have many peculiar customs, the most notable of which is their absolute reluctance to ever produce any noise. The Concavian people is a happy one, which they attribute to this law that forbids folks from ever talking to each other. It also appears their idea of courtship is for the boys to capture the girls using a croquet mallet and a butterfly net — though this does not appear to translate to sexism in other parts of their society, considering that the Concavian Cabinet was, in 1954, staffed entirely by women.

Until Mickey Mouse put an end to it in 1954, the Concavians' main source of entertainment was their war with the other intelligent people of Concavia, the mischievous two-dimensional Twitz. It was not what one might call violent conflict, as most “battles“ saw the Concavian Army (a matter of two undertrained soldiers) throw marshmallows about, which the greedy Twitz would gobble up instead of playing tricks, only to then go home for a digestive nap.

Concavians possess all sorts of advanced technology, including Concavia Light Works' technique for "converting" darkness into light, and the ubiquitous Translator-Helmets which allow Concavians to "speak" to outsiders without technically betraying their oaths never to speak aloud, as the Helmets translate the Concavians' brainwaves into English.

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List of Known Concavians

Behind the scenes Edit

The Concavians appear in the 1954 comic strip continuity A Fatal Occupation.

The story was first printed in black and white, and there has been no agreement among its foreign reprintings on what the Concavians' skin color should be; though some simply give them human-like skin tones, they have variously been lime green, bluish, and purplish. The latter option is depicted above.

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