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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. Constance Hatchaway is the original Constance Hatchaway's counterpart in the parodical parallel continuity of Rain's World.


This version of Constance Hatchaway is fairly similar to her original counterpart, being the Attic-haunting ghost of a black widow who, in undeath, has an endlessly antagonistic relationship with the local Hatbox Ghost, a younger, more eccentric version of the hatbox-carrying spook who goes by Charlie Hatfield. She appears to have a friendly relationship with Ezra, who insists on showing her mortal-made horror movies.

Behind the scenes

Rain N. Thirteen's version of Constance Hatchaway was first seen, alongside Charlie Hatfield, in Hatbox Diary (2017). She was voiced by Thirteen themselves in the Charlie's Head Is In The Hatbox webcasts.

Voice Actors