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Coop is a human man.


Wearing the odd combo of a flashy purple uniform and sunglasses, Coop is a "very special agent for the FBI" and apparently something of a ladies' man, as he has a pin-up poster of Jessica Rabbit in his office and is usually backed by a "chorus" of like-uniformed secretaries who comment on his actions in rhyming song (rather like the Liquidator).

In 1991, Coop was tasked with retrieving the X-22 experimental aeroplane after it was stolen by Fat Cat and Don Karnage. Not feeling up to the task himself, he recruited the ace team of pilots of Captain Baloo, Launchpad McQuack, and Chip'n Dale (a well-inspired decision, as the heroes did in fact succeed in getting the vehicle back from the villains).

Behind the scenes

Coop appears in the 1991 Disneyland stage play Plane Crazy. He was the only major character in the play not from one of the three Disney Afternoon animated series featured (DuckTales, TaleSpin and Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers), and the only major character who was not an anthropomorphic animal.

Some sources suggest that he was played by Carl Bell (as they credit him as as the show's "Host", a description that seems to best fit Coop).