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Cornelius Coot, who may be the same as Penwick Duck, was an anthropomorphic coot.


Cornelius Coot is celebrated as Duckburg's founder, although it is commonly accepted that there were already some settlements in the area before Coot's arrival. A “historical hero”, he is outright adored by much of Duckburg; many statues of him are scattered throughout the city, often depicting him holding corn, and there exist several festivals based around the commemoration of various events in Coot's life. Despite (or perhaps because of) Coot's notoriety, his biography is a conflictual and murky thing, with some sources even disagreeing as to the century in which Coot lived, from 17th to 18th to 19th.


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Behind the scenes

Cornelius Coot was first seen, as a statue, in Carl Barks's 1952 story Statuesque Spendthrifts.

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