The Cornfield Monster is a Monster existing in the Mewni Dimension.

Description Edit

The Cornfield Monster is an enormous blue monster from the Mewni Dimension. Just before the Battle for Mewni, it came into the royal Mewnian corn field by way of the broken magical shield around it, and began to eat corn. King River of Mewni, in an attempt to show bravery for his subjects, attempted to get the monster to leave by making "go away" motions with his arms from the castle window. This caused the monster to get up and begin walking towards the castle, walking easily over all defenses and crushing much of the City of Mewni on it's way there. The King, in a second attempt at bravery, stood in front of the monster and told it to go away. The monster, confused, replied that he had just been telling him to come closer. River protested that he had not, and the monster insisted that he had, saying that he had been making "come here" motions with his arms. The King told him that they had, in fact, been "go away" movements, and the monster, annoyed that he had had to walk all that way for nothing, walked off.

Months later, just before the Battle of Meteora, Marco Diaz, in an attempt to lure Meteora Butterfly into a trap, disguised himself as a princess and shouted for help. The Cornfield Monster, thinking that he actually wanted rescuing, came out of the woods, only for Marco to explain that he was not actually in any danger. Realizing that the monster could help him lure Meteora, Marco told the monster that he could help, however, the monster replied that it seemed awkward now. Before Marco could reply, Meteora suddenly appeared behind the monster, sucking out his soul, and causing his soul-less body to float off into the sky. The monsters soul was presumably restored along with the rest of Meteora's many victim's souls after she was defeated by Eclipsa Butterfly.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Cornfield Monster first appeared in Marco and the King, part five of Battle for Mewni, the seven-part premiere of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He later re-appeared in Divide, part one of Divide and Conquer, the two-part finale of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

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