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Count Duckesque (Paperescu in the original Italian) is a male anthropomorphic duck.


A friendly elderly nobleman, Count Duckesque is the last of the wealthy Duckesque line, relatives to the Clan McDuck. Frequently struck with bouts of insomnia, the Count used to live in Castle Duckesque with only his taciturn butler for company. He lamented that (as ordered by the original Count Duckesque) he could not use the family fortune unless the impregnable Castle was destroyed.

In 1986, the Count's distant American relative Donald Duck visited the Castle on behalf of his uncle Scrooge, seeking the secrets of the original Duckesque for fighting witches and large bands of thieves. Duckesque had long forgotten them due to his insomnia and old age (though it would later turn out his butler had not), but at any rate, Donald was temporarily fooled into the paranoid notion that the original Count Duckesque had been a vampire who was now posing as his descendant.

Shortly after, the American Beagle Boys succeeded where generation after generation of the Transylvanian ones had failed, using modern explosives to knock down the castle. They were overpowered by the Duckesques' trained guardian bats, summoned by the butler, before they could steal any of the exposed treasure. Overjoyed with this turn of events, the Count finally took possession of his inheritance and resolved to move to the city and get a treatment for his insomnia. In thanks to his American relatives, he gave Scrooge McDuck a sample of the garlic mixture used by his ancestors to repel witches, and one of the guardian bats.

Behind the scenes

Count Duckesque first appeared in 1986 in Donald Duck and the Adventure in Transylvania.