Countess Leïla, later known as the Daughter of the Phantom Blot or Miss Blot, is a female hybrid of anthropomorphic dog and anthropomorphic pig.


The sidekick and first cousin of space adventurer Buck Skyrunner, the heroic Countess Leïla, whose adventures with Buck were (like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck's own heroics) the subject of a best-selling comic-book series by the 2000's, discovered in 2006 that she was, by blood, the daughter of the villainous Phantom Blot. This revelation seemingly drove Leïla into madness as she adopted the new identity of the "Daughter of the Phantom Blot", donning a black cloak identical to her father's and using the sci-fi tech she'd picked up on her adventures with Buck to become a supervillain in her own right. For example, she wielded a fearsome disintegrator raygun, and could materialize her black cloak out of thin air by pressing her belt buckle.

Highjacking a TV show hosted by Rosa, where she was hosting a "plateau of female sidekicks" to which Leïla had been invited, the Daughter of the Phantom Blot attempted to take complete control of Calisota by broadcasting hypnotic waves that would make all watchers her slaves. However, she was found out by Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, and, physically subdued by an enraged Rosa who could not forgive her for ruining her show, she was quickly arrested.

Behind the scenesEdit

Leïla only ever appeared in the 2006 story Daughter of the Phantom Blot, which has, as yet, not been officially printed in English anywhere.

Though the two characters' backstories were already inconsistent, Jérôme Wicky (one of the story's two writers) has confirmed that Leïla is a different character from the Phantom Brat.

As the adventures of Buck Skyrunner are a transparent lampooning of the Star Wars franchise, Countess Leïla is named and designed after the Star Wars character of Princess Leia. Daughter of the Phantom Blot mentions that Leïla and Buck are cousins, but that there is a common misconception in the public that they are love interests; in real life, the second film of the Star Wars series revealed that Leia was protagonist Luke Skywalker's sister, despite widespread fan speculation that the two characters would get together. (The revelation of Leïla being the Phantom Blot's daughter, meanwhile, mirrors that of Leia being that of black-clad Star Wars villain Darth Vader — though Leia, unlike Leïla, did not at all turn evil from the revelation.)

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