Creamo Catnera is a boxer from Mouseton.


Creamo Catnera is a cat who was, according to his own account, born in a shack in Mouseton. He was expelled from school for getting into physical fights with his teacher. He would later flee town after knocking over a steamroller. He returned in 1931 to fight the world's heavy-lightweight boxing champion, Ruffhouse Rat in a high publicity match. Due to Ruffhouse's cowardice, Creamo's boxing opponent ended up being Mickey Mouse, who defeated the cat thanks to help from his friend, Butch.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is a very large and muscular black cat.

Behind the scenesEdit

Creamo first appeared in 1931's Mickey Mouse, Boxing Champion, playing the role of the main antagonist. He was created as a parody of boxer Primo Carnera.[1]

A year later, in the animated short, Barnyard Olympics, a similar character would appear. This character was also a large, muscular, black cat, athlete, and opponent of Mickey Mouse. It is unknown if the two were supposed to be the same character, or if Mickey's opponent in Barnyard Olympics was actually Peg-Leg Pete.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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