Creepy Cotillion was a live show based on The Haunted Mansion, part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. Performed in front of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, it featured the Ghost Host and a number of Ballroom Dancers.


In honor of the anniversary of Haunted Mansion's opening to the public, the Ballroom Dancers invite mortal guests into a good old-fashioned cotillion dance, featuring all their "most-recently-deceased débutantes", and presided over by the invisible Ghost Host.

Behind the scenesEdit

Creepy Cotillion was a special event performed only once, in 2019. Among the various video captures of it, one (seen above) was posted by Laughing Place.

As is often the case with Disneyland live performances, no cast or crew is credited; the Ghost Host is unmistakably voiced by Corey Burton, but the names of any of the performers, directors and choregraphers are at present unknown to the Wiki.

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