NonDisney Crypt of the Rejected (La Crypte des Recalés in the original French) is a comic jointly created by Jean Léturgie and Simon Léturgie. It features Spirou, Fantasio and Spip. It also mentions Pacôme de Champignac.


Spirou and Fantasio, exploring the gargantuan archives of the Journal de Spirou, take a wrong turn and end up in… (gasp)… the Crypt of Rejected Spirou Authors!

Behind the scenesEdit

This comic was created by the Léturgies as a companion piece to A Green Christmas in Champignac when they put it up on their blog, making fun of their own status following the rejection of their take on Spirou & Fantasio by the publishers;.

Crypt of the Rejected has not been officially translated in English anywhere.

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