NonDisney Cupid Courier No. 1020 is a text story presented in the form of a newspaper, written by Lupan Evezan and with illustrations by Aristide Twain. It features Journalist-649 (in his debut appearance), Foreman-964, Philatel-426, Lord Thymon, the Szaclowk, and, in their debuts, Investigation-464 and Nostradamus-066.


Issue #1020 of the Cupid Courier, most popular (and only) newspaper in the Cupid Homeworld. Contents include:

  • An article describing a new warehouse to be built by the Department of Construction, which quickly devolves into a description of a fight between Foreman-964 and Philatel-426.
  • An advertisement for a rather worryingly-named seminar to be hosted by Lord Thymon on the grounds of the Department of Motivational Speaking.
  • An article noting that a significant breakthrough regarding the Szaclowk has been made, which is said to be continued on the non-existent second page of the paper, thus falling victim to the usual halving of all things related to the Szaclowk.
  • An article revealing the contents of Nostradamus-066's latest backwards-vision.


Continuity Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

This story, the first in the Cupid Courier series, was released on the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids website.

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