Cupid Fact File #444 — The Faction of the Fooling Fish is a prose story, written by Lupan Evezan. The fifth Cupid Fact File, it features the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids and the Faction of the Fooling Fish, as well as obliquely referencing the Horde of the Violet Hare. Individual Cupids playing a part in the story include Colonel-028, Acquaintanceship-982 and Bibliophile-962. The character of Archibald Fishflipper is also mentioned.


Like other Cupid Fact Files, the short story purports itself to be a digitized version of a file from the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids' Archives, detailing information about a target that is, or was once, of interest to the Crew. In this case, it is the secret organization known as the Faction of the Fooling Fish, who end up highjacking the file themselves…



Behind the scenesEdit

This short story was released in 2019 on the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids website and later collected in The Quintessential Cupid, where it was given a new illustration as well as supplemented with a “Tech Note” from Technician-042 tying in with other such Tech Notes seeded throughout the book.

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