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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. The Cupid Intelligence Institute, or C.I.I. is the research institute of the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids.


Based in the Cupid Homeworld, the Cupid Intelligence Institute is the humongous, overly-bureaucratic organization which researches various topics for the improvement of the Crew's missions. Led by the Supreme Quaestor, it is subdivided into a variety Departments specializing in various topics, sometimes extremely minute ones, as more Departments are created by the Cupid Parliament every time they find themselves unable to reach a consensus regarding a topic of debate — which is quite often. Each Department is led by a Prefect and comprises somewhere between three and a dozen individual Cupids.

List of Departments

Behind the scenes

The Cupid Intelligence Institute was first mentioned in the short story Lord Thymon and the Department of Problem-Solving, published in March of 2019.

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