NonDisney The Cupid Parliament is the governing body of the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids.


The Cupid Parliament is made up of the various Prefects of the Cupid Intelligence Institute, as well as the Copper-Colored Council of Elders, the council of the ten earliest Cupids in the Cupid Homeworld.

Although intended to determine the Crew's policies and the leadership of the Homeworld, the Parliament is a largely inefficient organization, spending most of its time locked in endless arguments between its members about irrelevant details; being robots with no need to eat or sleep, the Cupid dignitaries have been known to hold the floor for days on end belaboring their points.

A general frustration with this mode of government is at the heart of the Triangular Society's rebellious intent. The destruction of the Parliament building was finally enacted in 2019 by Conquest-932, who was exiled to Shenanig for the offence; the Parliament itself, as a body politic, was not dissolved, however, with Conquest's coup failing to cohere.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Cupid Parliament was first mentioned in Cupid Fact File No. 184 – The Mob of the Maroon Magpie.

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