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Cuthbert Coot, also known as Cousin Cuthbert or Cousin Coot, is an anthropomorphic grebe/coot hybrid.


The son of Casey Coot and Gretchen Grebe, or, according to one account, Humperdink and Gretchen, Cousin Cuthbert owns a ranch somewhere near Duckburg. He seems to get along rather well with his younger cousin Donald Duck, although he apparently did not know him well enough in 1945 to foresee his blunders.

Behind the scenes

Cuthbert Coot first appeared in April of 1945 in Webfooted Wrangler, and "Cousin Coot" (a moniker used by Donald for him in that story) was again mentioned in another Carl Barks story, Pearls of Wisdom. His existence was the main reason people began to think of Cornelius Coot as a relative of Donald.

He is sometimes speculated to be the father of Kildare Coot.