Cybernettiquette, or Cybernetiquette Comix, was a semi-interactive animated comic once available for viewing on the British and Australian Disney websites.

Description Edit

Cybernettiquette is a series designed to teach young children about proper conduct and safety on the internet. The three episodes share a similar structure, but not cast.

Episodes Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

For unknown reasons, Cybernetiquette (alongside the similar Surfswell Island) was deleted from Disney's website at some point since the 2000's, replaced with a blander, character-less list of Internet safety tips. Episodes 1 and 2 could, up until recently, still be accessed on the Australian website, but obviously through an oversight, as no link pointed to them anywhere on the site, and Episode 3 was deleted. However, it seems as though episodes 1 and 2 have since been deleted from the website as well. No episodes remain on the British website either. Fortunately, however, all three episodes are still available for viewing, as they have been was saved on the Internet Archive.

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