Cyril McDuck is an anthropomorphic duck.


A tall cousin of Scrooge McDuck, Cyril was banished from the McDuck Clan after failing a "stinginess test" overseen by Titus McDuck, by using the half-a-pound note he had been given to buy candy to other children rather than saving it as he was expected to. Cyril lived his whole life in a very foggy part of Highlands, where he became a goatherd. In 1960, Scrooge McDuck asked Donald Duck to get him a picture of Cyril for his collection of McDuck memorabilia, as he had not heard from Cyril since that fateful day in their youth. Though the fog made it somewhat difficult, the picture was eventually taken.

Behind the scenesEdit

He first appeared in March of 1960 in The Search for Cyril.

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