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Cyrus Squandergilt is a male dognose.


The 6th-richest man in the world in 1968, Cyrus Squandergilt is a friendly-looking, overweight man who spent his free time as a billionaire tending his roses. However, mad scientist Doctor Zantaf used a hypnotic gas he had devised to force Squandergilt to give Zantaf all his money, reducing the poor fellow to poverty — a turn of events which terrified Scrooge McDuck. It is possible that Squandergilt's fortune was restituted to him after Zantaf's eventual (albeit temporary) defeat.

Behind the scenes

Squandergilt appears in the 1968 story Tycoonraker!. His English name was chosen by Joe Torcivia, a transparent pun on the name of iconic 19th-century businessman Cornelius Vanderbilt.