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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. D. J. Rarebit was an anthropomorphic rabbit.


D. J. Rarebit was an immensely rich businessman (owner, among other things, of fourteen railroads) living in Lantzville. In his 50's, he got mixed up with a muderous secret society known as the Secret Six (then Secret Seven). After Rarebit walked out on them, they sent him multiple death threats. Under advice of his secretary Wormwood, Rarebit hired a body double in the person of Oswald Rabbit to be murdered in his place while he hid in an isolated cabin in the Rocky Mountians. After various hijinx, Oswald lost his Rarebit disguise, leading the media to believe Rarebit was dead. Hearing the news, Rarebit returned to Lantzville, serene — unaware that his mansion was still rigged with explosives from the Secret Six's earlier attempts.

Behind the scenes

Rarebit was only ever seen in the 1945 story The Secret Six.