DW Continuum

The DW Continuum is a name used for a parallel universe to the 2017 Continuum.


Based on the writings of Solego, the DW Continuum was a universe which inhabitants of the 2017 Continuum were able to view through the medium of the Darkwing Duck show. In the year 2020, Taurus Bulba used the Ram Rod to bring several of its inhabitants to the St. Canard of his own world.

Behind the scenes

Although later established to have also been the universe in which Wander Over Yonder took place if its relationship with the classic Disney universe really must be defined, the 2017 Continuum was for most intents and purposes defined by DuckTales 2017.


The name "DW Continuum" is derived from a common nickname used for Darkwing Duck in the Prime Universe, based on the fact that this continuity appears to be modeled closely on the Darkwing Duck series.

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