Dahlia, whose maiden name may have been Duck or Van Duck, is a woman of unclear species (either mouse or duck).

Description Edit

The aunt of Daisy Duck and wife of Daniel, Dahlia owned an heirloom bracelet, passed down from aunt to niece down her family line, which she believed to be a bewitched artifact that made its wearer the center of attention; she claimed to have been wearing it when she met Daniel. In 1975, she passed on the bracelet to Daisy, who, while appreciative of its beauty, wasn't quite sure about its supernatural abilities.

Behind the scenes Edit

Aunt Dahlia first appeared in 1975 in The Bewitching Bracelet, a written story in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #416.

Interestingly, Aunt Dahlia is involved in one of the presumably few Disney Comics examples of the art not corresponding with the text: the text stated that it was Daisy's Aunt Dahlia, and the main character throughout the story is called Daisy in the text, however, the illustration shows Minnie Mouse and an older, female mouse. While it is indisputable that her being Daisy's aunt is the canon version, her species is, therefore, unknown, as she might still be a mouse if she was adopted or is only an aunt-in-law of Daisy, with Daniel being the blood relative.

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