Daisy's Sister, whose first name may be Rosa[1] or Fred,[2] is a female anthropomorphic duck.


The sister of Daisy Duck who, in 1953, lived in a flat in downtown Duckburg,[3] this woman is the mother of the triplets April, May and June, who often come to visit their aunt. She may have married a man named Fred,[2] apparently Whitewater Duck's brother,[4] who may or may not be the same Fred, a cousin of Donald Duck who works as a professional artist.

Behind the Scenes

Daisy's Sister was mentioned in the 1953 Carl Barks story Flip Decision, where it is strongly implied that she is the mother of April, May, and June, as Daisy visits the trio while at her apartment.


Little is known about her, leading to speculation from fans and creators as to her identity.

Don Rosa is said to have believed that it was a "good idea" to equate her with Donna Duck.[5] However, it is unlikely that this could be the case, as Daisy and Donna did not meet until a 1951 strip by Al Taliaferro, almost entirely eliminating the possibility the two could be siblings. That said, there still is a vague possibility that they could be half-siblings or could have been separated at birth, not realizing their relation until after meeting as adults; but there is nothing to support this other than Rosa's positive recognition of the theory which equates Donna and Daisy's sister.

In Monique Peterson's Duck Family Tree, a certain "Fred" is listed as the sibling to Daisy and parent of April, May, and June. The gender of this "Fred" is unspecified, making it possible that Fred is in fact Daisy's sister. However, this "Fred" was likely intended to be the same as Fred, Donald's cousin from Freddy Milton's A Picture of Justice. While this Fred could possibly be a sibling of Daisy's, it goes without saying that he is not Daisy's sister.

An unidentified duck in The Birthday Booby Trap who may or may not be Daisy's sister.

In his Daisy Duck family tree, Xander Ares speculated that "Fred" was short for Frederika, suggesting that this is the true name of Daisy's sister. He identified Frederika with an unidentified duck who attended Scrooge's birthday party in The Birthday Booby Trap by Bob Gregory, a neighbor of Gladstone's in Family Reunion, a pet shop employee in Doggie in the Window, and a Chickadees Patrol leader in A Tesourada, among other identifications. Most of these were made based on the assumption that Frederika is in fact the unidentified duck from The Birthday Booby Trap, with some of these taking into account the fact that she lives in an apartment according to Flip Decision.[6]

Notes & References

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