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Daisy Duck is a female anthropomorphic duck and Daisy Duck's counterpart in the Donaldless Continuum.


This version of Daisy Duck never met her soulmate Donald Duck, as he did not exist in her universe. Unable to find love for herself, she wrote out romantic fantasies in her Diary; in the end she ended up publishing it, becoming a famous novelist, and even selling rights to a successful film adaption. She became extremely wealthy, buying Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin after Scrooge went bankrupt and turning it into her office, with Elvira Duck as her secretary. At the heart of this glamorous empire of romance and whimsy however, Daisy was a sad and bitter woman whom all her success had only turned cynical and depressed.

Behind the scenes

This version of Daisy Duck only appeared in 1994 in The Duck Who Never Was.