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Dale is an anthropomorphic chipmunk and the brother of Chip[2][3].


Dale is a somewhat rascally chipmunk, the brother of Chip [2][3], and member of the detective agency known as the Rescue Rangers[4]. Though dedicated to his job as a Rescue Ranger, he is a fun-loving, mischievous prankster who is sometimes irresponsible and forgets to think before he acts. He spends his free time reading comic books and playing video games. He is also a known candy addict. He frequently finds himself being knocked on the head by Chip when he says or does something foolish.


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Behind the scenesEdit

An early version of Dale, as well as an early version of his brother, Chip, first appeared in 1943's Private Pluto. In Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Dale's shirt seems to be reminiscent of Thomas Magnum in Magnum P.I.

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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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