The Dalek Emperor is a a humongous Dalek from Earth-5556.


The ruler of all Daleks, and, per some sources, the first Dalek of all times, the booming-voiced Emperor Dalek resides in a giant golden casing on the planet Skaro, almost as large as his overinflated ego which makes him see himself as the God of All Daleks, and the only one worthy to create new forms of Daleks (even above Dalek creator Davros).

When Lord Vortech recruited a number of Daleks as part of his armies of villain in his bid to take over the entire multiverse, he did not inform the Dalek Emperor, who nonetheless got wind of the strange interdimensional happenings when he stumbled upon one of the Keystones, the Scale, a device which allowed him to enlarge himself or other Daleks at will.

Believing the interdimensional hijinks to be the doing of the Doctor as part of a plan to harm the Daleks, the Emperor captured Wyldstyle, Batman and Gandalf, hoping to get the Doctor's plan out of them. In the ensuing battle, however, the Emperor was hit with a ray from his own Keystone and shrunken to mouse size. As the trio escaped in the TARDIS with the Doctor, the miniaturized, helpless Emperor was last seen being bullied by the CyberKing, another villain encountered by the adventurous trio on Earth-5556 and greatly diminished as a result.

Behind the scenesEdit

A recurring antagonist in the Doctor Who series, the Dalek Emperor, who debuted in 1966 in the episode The Evil of the Daleks, appears in the 2015 crossover video game LEGO Dimensions as a secondary antagonist.

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