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The World of Destino, also known as the Destionoverse or Dali Universe, is a surreal parallel universe created through the imaginations of Walt Disney and Salvador Dali.


The Dali Universe seems to have been created when Walt Disney allowed the surrealist painter Salvador Dali to use his studios' usual method for creating Toons. The resulting landscape of this strange world is surreal and ever-changing. The usual laws of reality do not in any way apply, and strange landmarks and creatures abound. The Destinoverse can be accessed from the Prime Universe in two known ways: Through the original concept drawings from when the universe was first created by Disney and Dali, or by falling asleep and dreaming about the place.

The only known outside visitors to the universe are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Peg-Leg Pete, while known native residents include Chronos, the god of time, and the mortal woman with whom he falls in love, Dahlia, along with a variety of surreal creatures and beings, such as the Talking Egg, the Sky-High Elephants, the Lobster Telephone, the Mae West Lips Sofa, and the Pomegranate Tigers.

Behind the scenes

The Dali Universe was first featured in the short film Destino, which started production in 1943 and finished in 2007. It was later featured in the comic story The Persistence of Mickey, in 2010.

Many of the creatures and landscapes seen in the Dali Universe are inspired by Salvador Dali paintings.